Kathi Kennedy’s screenplays include features About Face, Stories We Never Told, In Sheeps Clothing, and Degeneratively Happy and shorts, Seasons Change, At Night, Election Day, Always, Black and White, Sunday, Nothing Else Matters, Peanut Butterdrop Ice Cream, Miami and Sweat, No Monster in the Closet, Candy for Lunch, and Sunset. Her webisodes are Before the End, FOS, and Sour.

Her directorial credits include short films, Peanut Butterdrop Ice Cream, and No Monster in the Closet. Kathi was also the Assistant Director on Monster Gene.  Her stage productions are Cindy, Alice in the Land of Oz, Hark to the Bell and Slave Christmas.

As a producer, Peanut Butterdrop Ice Cream, No Monster In The Closet, Monster Gene and Before The End by Irina Chernikina, and Loving Billy by Petol Weekes. She is also the Associate Producer for the short, Glass Flowers by Petol Weekes, and the full-length feature, Molly by Brigette ReDavid.

Kathi was the Assistant Director and Script Supervisor on Monster Gene, Script Supervisor on Ships in the Sky, by Jihan Joseph, and the talk show concept TIPS (To Inspire Peoples Spirits) was created by Kathi.

Ms. Kennedy co-edited the children’s book, The Adventures of Lula Petunia on Story Jumper.

Kathi has extended her talents as an acting teacher, and program coordinator to multiple institutions in New York and abroad and is available upon request.