The Screenwriter’s Getaway

It takes imagination and the gift of storytelling to be a screenwriter and entrepreneur. Creativity is the key but it is impossible to be one without being the other.

The two things that I love to do more than anything else are writing screenplays and traveling, hence the Screenwriter’s Getaway.

Writing articles, short stories, novels, teleplays, and screenplays are fun and easy to do, on writing retreats. Come join us on the sandy shores of beautiful Mexico. Free from the hustle bustle of city life or the doldrums of country living. Free from noise, and unwanted distractions. Free to think, to create – to find the truth in your characters.

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“Kathi- as a writer, producer, and director- is nothing short of extraordinary. Her clarity and vision in every piece that she works on are so inspiring to witness and her confidence trickles down to the whole cast and crew. The way Kathi communicates her ideas nourishes actors to grow in every scene that she writes and directs. She is a force to be reckoned with and a joy to have on any set.”

Ashley Diane Long Casting

“Kathi Kennedy is passionate about the writing that comes from her spirit. Her writing is informed by the environment around her, and the characters that speak through her. Sensitive is the word I use to describe Kathi’s writing. Courage is what she exudes as a director and producer. I enjoy her work.”

Sharon Hope

“I have known Kathi for many years. In that time I have watched her become a very detailed and nuanced writer. I selected Kathi to participate in an annual NYWIFT writers showcase. I have also commissioned her to write for me as well”

Denise Rogers – New York Women in Film & Television